The information security basic policy is set as follows, posted at each department of the head office, made known to employees and related parties, and announced as appropriate at the request of customers.

The Group has responded to customer needs with the software consulting service business at its core. In the future, in order to provide services that satisfy our customers, we will continue to protect our products and information assets in the advanced information society from threats such as accidents, disasters and crimes, and to respond to the trust of our customers and society, we will implement our basic information security policy. And provide guidelines for the Group’s information security initiatives.

  1. Improvement of internal system and information security policy

The Group will establish necessary management systems for maintaining and improving security, and stipulate necessary information security measures as formal internal rules.

  1. Responsibility and continuous improvement in leadership

The management of the Group will take the initiative in ensuring that the information assets of the Group and customers are properly managed by complying with this policy.

  1. Comply with laws and contractual requirements

Our employees comply with laws, regulations, norms and information security requirements in contracts with customers related to information assets used in our business activities.

  1. Employee initiatives

The employees of the Group acquire the knowledge and skills required to maintain and improve information security and ensure their information security efforts.

  1. Response to violations and accidents

The Group will establish a system for responding to violations of information security laws and regulations, regulations, norms, contracts with customers and information security incidents, and reduce the impact of violations and accidents.

July 29, 2019

Keizu Corporation Representative Director Koichi Kambayashi