After nearly 6 months of implementation, on 06/04/2023, the Salesforce CRM system deployed by Keizu Vietnam for Hop Trien customer was officially Go live. This includes deploying Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

The implementation of the Salesforce system marks a significant step the development of Hop Trien. At the same time, it reflects the vision of the future of the company in providing excellent service, building relationships and caring for customers in the most effective way.

Benefits that Salesforce brings to Hop Trien:

  1. Improve business processes: The system has helped Hop Trien improve processes from customer approach, deal closing to delivery and invoice payment.
  2. Enhanced order management: Salesforce helps to manage orders delivered to customers more efficiently and clearly, from splitting orders to returns and inventory.
  3. Better customer care: With Salesforce, the warranty and maintenance process of Hop Trien’s products is done better, meeting customer needs. As a result, it enhances relationships with customers.

Keizu Vietnam want to express our gratitude to Hop Trien Company for choosing us as a partner in deploying and developing Salesforce CRM system. Thank you to the Hop Trien project team for working hard together so that the project can be completed and released on schedule.

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