A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can take your business to new heights.

Among the top five CRM software vendors accounting for 40 percent of the total market in 2018, Salesforce continued to dominate as the market leader with a total share of 19.5 percent.

In their own words, Salesforce is an integrated customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together.

Evolved from a CRM platform to a cloud-based service, Salesforce has built itself a reputation to reckon with.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

It’s essentially a marketing platform that efficiently manages how a brand interacts with its existing and potential customers across all channels. It streamlines marketing processes improving efficiency through effective and timely communication with the customers. With the help of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can plan, execute, and track marketing activities on a well-coordinated platform.

Why should you choose Salesforce as a marketing solution?

It’s not without a reason Salesforce has been named the best marketing cloud. It enjoys the top spot beating brands like SAP, Oracle, Adobe – the reason for which – is its optimized customer journey. What sets it apart from its counterparts is that you can track the entire customer life cycle across multiple devices on one integrated software. The seamless interface and data-rich platform providing insights into customer journey make it a hot-selling product among Salesforce offerings.

Key Features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Through Salesforce Marketing Cloud, brands can manage all aspects of digital marketing from one integrated space. Give your customers a personalized experience by using these Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools.

  • Journey Builder: This Salesforce Marketing Cloud feature tracks every stage of the customer journey. Not only this, Journey Builder also collates data from customer interactions like email, mobile, or other channels creating a Single Customer View (SCV).
  • Social Studio: This in itself is an optimal social media marketing tool that allows you to gain insights into customer’s social interactions by monitoring posts they engaged with or the topics they searched for.
  • Mobile Studio: With this feature, your marketing team can send specific communication to the targeted groups via SMS. You can automate message delivery and track performance through analytics.
  • Email Studio: This is a potentially great tool for email marketing. You can send your customers automated emails with customized content with great opening rates.
  • Salesforce DMP: Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP) creates a customer profile with real-time updates. A well-rounded tool, it helps provide key insights into content and advertising across channels.

What are the benefits of using Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

The advantages of using Salesforce Marketing Cloud are aplenty. Some of them you may know already, for rest keep reading.

  • Customize marketing tools: You can customize digital marketing tools as per your brand’s needs with the Salesforce marketing cloud. With customization in place, understanding your customer becomes easier which helps you constantly work on your marketing strategies.
  • Security of data: If you’re using Salesforce you can be assured of data security. The data shared between the customer and your company is encrypted which means there is no possibility of data theft.
  • Understanding customers: Salesforce is known to bridge the gap between customers and the brand by understanding the customers and their ever-changing needs better than other CRMs.
  • Customer satisfaction: After understanding the customer comes the task of satisfying them. How does Salesforce help? With its numerous tools and features, you are sure to build better customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Increase in Sales: As a brand increase in sales is your ultimate goal, right? You can either buy Salesforce Sales Cloud or benefit from the features available in its marketing or analytics cloud. Sales are invariably a result of customer satisfaction and data security. And as mentioned above, the marketing cloud provides both.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pricing

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud services start at $1,000 a month for basic services and $4,000 per month for professional services. The marketing cloud by Salesforce can be subscribed in four different plans and clients can add extra features by paying more.

How can you implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

As the post suggests, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool for marketing automation. It completely changes the way you run marketing campaigns and gives you a fresh perspective on strategies.

To implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you need to connect to a Salesforce partner who will aid you in adapting to Salesforce solutions.

Looking for advice on Cloud solutions?

Help is available. Let our team of cloud experts help you with everything Salesforce. Get a free consultation now on how the product can suit your business needs better. Let our expertise guide you and aid your organization to new growth with the best cloud advice.


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